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Re: [RC] New IM Strangles vaccine? - Heidi Smith

I've been getting the intranasal Strangles vaccine for the last 3 years
haven't had any reason to doubt its effectiveness. New vet (fresh outta
school, ya gotta love it) tried to talk me into an IM vaccine. She says
new and better than the old IM vaccine which was the one that caused
reactions and didn't do much to protect the horse.

There has been a "new and better" IM strangles vaccine on the market since
before the IN one, that was less reactive and more efficacious than the old
one, but it was still more reactive and less efficacious than the IN.
Haven't heard about a "new" one since then, although I suppose it is
possible.  Given the nature of bacterins, though, I'd still be leery.

Anyone using this vaccine? I understand why the vet wants to do an IM
vaccine -- she can do the vaccine right along with the other shots. With
intranasal vaccine, they have to do it last or run the risk of
IM shot sites (which my last vet didn't know about, to my amazement).

You have the key here--the IN vaccine need not be given at a different
time--simply given last.  What causes the abcesses is when the IN is given,
the horse sneezes some of it all over himself, and then injections are
administered.  When doing a large group, one would want to go through the
group and do the injections, and then go back through and do the IN, so that
it is not on handlers' clothing, etc.--but it can still all be done in one
trip out by the vet if need be, simply by using that common-sense


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[RC] New IM Strangles vaccine?, Deanna German