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[RC] ATTN ALL JUNIORS!!!! (...and sponsors!) - Rides 2 Far

  Well, I think all you shy juniors should step 
forward and send something into the Endurancenews, or even just to your
regional or  >state newsletter. Share your stories or write something
about what  you've >learned, what you love about Endurance, what moves
you, anything 
like that! 

Sorry to keep posting tonight, but as a member of the media committee I
figured I should comment. We had a meeting at the convention and we
discussed this very thing. I think the kids who know Merryben have been
less shy about contributing, either because they know her...or because
she's twisted their arm. >g<

I can assure you that she'd love to have some voluntary contributions
from juniors from all over. Anybody who has to meet a print deadline is
happy to have somebody willing to take the load off. :-)

I think one problem with *everyone* (adults & juniors alike) is that we
don't want to look like we think "we're something" so would prefer to be
asked to contribute rather than "nominate ourselves".  So, how's this? We
have 12 issues of EN. That means we could use up to 2 contributions per
region per year. 

Sam, you were the top junior in the SE this year...would you like to
write something by yourself...or play interviewer and interview several
SE juniors and give a report or maybe debate an issue. Sound fun? :-) I
think it would be kind of cool if instead of simply talking about "being
a junior" you simply talked to the juniors...as if they were REAL people,
and interviewed them about the problems, their training routines, etc.
Interview as if this person were Val or Becky Hart. "So Sam, could you
describe your average training week? (of course you could have junior
type questions) How are your grades? How do you handle days off from
school? Does your teacher let you make up the work at full credit? Some
teachers allow extra credit if you keep a diary of a trip. (I've had my
junior do all map reading before and figured it made up for some Social
Studies classes.)  Do you take lessons? Do you play other sports, or
dance or anything else which you feel contributes to your riding skills?
What are your goals? What direction do you hope AERC heads in? Get my
drift? :-) 

By the way, my daughter Josie is on the following list:
and I highly recommend it. I've been very impressed with how well Jessica
runs it. I highly recommended to EN that they get in touch with her since
she seems to be the "Steph Jr." of the net. >g<

Angie McGhee

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