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[RC] re: best dog to guard horses - A. Perez

Personally if I were really concerned about this, I would not 
rely on a dog as a solution.  A barking dog may deter thieves, 
but then again may not.  By all means get a dog, but also use 
additional safe-guards:

1. Do not leave horses with halters on, and don't leave 
halters/lead ropes on stalls gates or other obvious place where 
thieves can find them.  Keep tack and feed rooms locked so 
halters, leads, and grain to bait horses with cannot be used by 

2.  Have a motion-detector yard light so when anyone pulls into 
driveway or barn-yard, a light will kick on letting you know 
someone is there.  An audible alarm can also be set up for this 
too. If you do not want to lock the barn, have detectors there 
as well.  If your farm has many roads/paths/trails leading into 
it, gate and lock these so that access is limited to your main 
driveway(s) so all comings-and-goings can be observed.

3.  If horses are in a big field with a wire fence, it is very 
easy to cut the wire in a far corner of the field and lead 
horses out unbeknownst to you (or your dogs).  If at all 
possible, keep horses locked at night, either in a stall or in 
area with solid fence (not wire) and a locked gate.  Ideally 
this should be nearby your house so you can see /hear what's 
going on there.  Thieves usually will not take the time needed 
to disemble a board or pipe fence, especially if it is in plain 
site, where they can cut a wire fence in seconds.

4.  Get some professional-looking signs made saying something 
along the lines of 'Property protected by alarm system' (or 
better yet, actually install an alarm system AND put up the 
signs!.  Standard alarm systems that go off if a window or door 
is opened can also be adapted to go off if a gate is opened).
If you really want to impress people, get some old security 
camers and mount them near barn, gates etc.  Even if they don't 
work, the bad guys won't know that, and may be deterred.

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