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Re: [RC] [RC] Breed standard - Heidi Smith

><There will always be backyard breeders >
>And who are the backyard breeders?  Just curious what your definition is.  (I have not had opportunity to follow this entire thread so forgive me if I missed something.)  I am pretty sure we qualify as backyard breeders (at least we try to keep it in the backyard so as not to offend the neighbors).  :)  We breed (gasp) half-Arabs and have had many successful crosses producing what we believe to be beautiful, athletic and correct gonna-be-endurance horses...the next year or two will determine that as our stallions' progeny starts showing up on the trail.  Unfortunately, too many people use the term "backyard breeder" in a derogatory manner and I am just curious how this was meant here or how it has been used in this thread.
Well put, Maggie.  In the case of the Arabian, it has been "backyard" breeders that have all but "saved" our breed from the show ring trends.  Some of these folks were very knowledgeable--some kept valuable breeding stock going for another generation or two more or less by accident.  Some of the most valuable USING stock in the Arabian breed mouldered away in back yards and nearly disappeared, thanks to the fads, until preservation breeders sought them out.  I am eternally grateful for having found the Farana sire line stallion Ibn El Nafar, to use one example--he was crippled as a yearling and remained a backyard pet all those years, and we found him in an exhaustive search for Farana sire line horses.  We managed to get just four foals by him, but they are OUTSTANDING and will carry on a line that was nearing extinction.  Thank heavens for back yards....  (Which goes right back to genetic diversity....)

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