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Re: [RC] 2002 National Awards (Part Two) - superpat

>I know it may sound like I am a complaining mother and I would like to see how the rest of you feel about this sort of thing. I would like to know your thoughts I really think we need to speak out and change some of how the National Award Ceremony is being done. <
First, let me thank you for taking the time to recount the happenings at awards. I appreciate the thought you have put into your synopsis and comments.
A huge congratulations to your son. You and he must be very proud. No small accomplishment.
That said, while you described your disappointment with some of the awards, the thought kept occurring to me that the size of the award is miniscule when compared to the tremendous sense of accomplishment that must be felt by those receiving the awards. When that plaque is hung on the wall or placed on the desk, it will be a reminder of those wonderful and sometimes difficult miles spent in the saddle. Will it really matter how large (or small) it is in comparison with the other awards presented to others?
The recognition of accomplishments by one's peers is priceless and hopefully the manner of presentation will be improved. The size of the award, however does not negate the effort and the things sacrificed in order to "chase" the award. The achievement in and of itself is the real reward.
I would like to add, though, that if I had my druthers, I'd druther get a nice cooler or vest or jacket with the name of the award on it so that my horse or I could proudly wear it at a ride where we could show it off over and over again. The only award I have ever received, (the Sandy Bar Award) was a small engraved plate which I attached to my horse's bridal. No one else ever notices it, but each time I place that bridal on her, my chest swells just a bit with the pride of the accomplishment.
Assembling enough really nice awards is a challenge and I thank and commend you for your offer to help with this task. That's "putting your money where your mouth is". (or something like that).

[RC] 2002 National Awards (Part Two), CLRidnhigh