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Re: [RC] Breed standard - DESERTRYDR1

In a message dated 3/15/03 3:25:06 PM Pacific Standard Time, woa@xxxxxxxxxxxx 

I am not implying that people could not breed to unapproved 
 stallions----  merely that it would be nice for such a registry to exist 
 for the person not really knowledgeable about conformation issues nor 
 about what to look for in movement

My take on this is that if a person is not knowledgeable about conformation 
and movement, they need to become so BEFORE they start breeding.  If they 
don't want to take the time to learn these things, they have no business 
breeding!  That's part of the problem with the Arabian horse today.  People 
who have no idea what functional conformation or correct movement are, are 
breeding because they want to produce "living art".  It's still happening, it 
didn't go away with the 80's.  Just look at halter horses today.  I had a 
discussion today with a gal who had boarded her horse at an Arabian breeding 
farm.  Her horse was getting hurt every other week, because these people 
really didn't understand horses, they just wanted to breed Khemosabi lines.  
I had been to their stable when I was looking for a new place to board,  They 
don't ride their horses, if the horses are broke to ride at all, it's because 
someone else has been riding them.  Their stallion is ill-mannered to the 
point of being dangerous, but by far not the worst I've seen.  

I am a back yard breeder, having raised one baby from my mare.  But I am 
proud to say that baby is an improvement on her mom, and will be my horse til 
the day she dies.  I plan to breed her in a couple years so that I'll have 
her replacement.  The stallion is already picked out, after long thought and 
looking at lots of stallions.  jeri  

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