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Re: [RC] breed standard - Zephyr Arabians

--- Kat Forst <kskhechance@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Lastly, to all the others that posted responses. I
appreciate it greatly.  Her report is due Mon, so I
am closing the discussion.  You can continue it if
you wish, it was starting to interest me! Lol,
Thanks again!!!

Well, I'm late joining in.  Heidi and I have discussed
this before.  :)  I support the inspection and
approval process for *open* studbook registries (ie.
warmbloods and the new "sporthorse" and "sportpony"
registries).  However, after discussing it with Heidi
and thinking about it more, I don't support
inspections/approvals for closed studbook breeds.  If
you want to do it voluntarily (like ARABS was trying
to do), that's fine.  But, forcing it on breeders --
especially in a breed that varies wildly in types --
isn't appropriate.  As for Friesians, which are closed
studbook and use inspections & approvals, well, I
guess you better know that when you get involved with
the breed and decide if it's for you or not. 
Friesians are a breed without much variation in type,
so the inspection process has helped them shape the
breed to an exact standard.  Would we want that in all
other breeds?


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[RC] breed standard, Kat Forst