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Re: [RC] breeding standards - SandyDSA

In a message dated 3/15/2003 9:49:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, dottiepaint@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

Or Sable? (my domestic bred with the short neck)?  The jury is still out on Leesa (the AK Arab mare) because although she has lineage to preserve, I am not certain she has the temperment to be a mommy.  Are we discussing mares, too? Or are we only talking about stallions?

I think these are very good questions - and since I don't think I have the answers to every horse, I can't imagine some entity who does not know, work with, breed and ride all of them should. You have the right idea, with wanting to preserve the lineage and still keeping the verdict out due to temperamental issues. Many people don't concern themselves with those issues. I think it absolutely applies to mares as well as stallions, maybe more so, since many colts ARE rightly gelded but far too many average mares continue to be bred - in hopes of what, I am not sure. It is just easier, cheaper generally, and wiser in the long run to BUY a proven line of horse than to try to breed one.


p.s. short neck is relative - to a halter person, if the neck isn't 6 inches longer than would be acceptable for good overall balance, it has a short neck:)!