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[RC] breeding standards - Mary Golden

Hi, Kat!
I'm sending this to both Ridecamp and to you personally.
For example:  what would constitute "breeding quality".  This is what I have in my barn:
2 geldings -- both Egyptian arabs, neihter one was stallion quality due to temperments --- OR conformation.  Besides, one is an absolute loon --- and he is ...no lie!...almost 16.1 hands!  This horse was a rescue disaster when we brought him home.  He looksed like a hatrack at 3 months of age.  It took a year to get him on his feet health-wise.  he should have been stunted.  But, anyway --- 99.9% of the male horse population should be gelded anyway! A good stallion makes  a GREAT, SUPER-FANTASTIC GELDING! 
But this is what else I have:
1 Domestic bred Arab mare.  sweet as all get out.  neck is 2 inches too short.  Actually looks like a yearling TB, though she is 7.  Not sprung in the ribs or chest.  But she is a killer trail horse, very willing and definitely has a mothering instinct.  Never been bred
1 AK Egyptian Arab mare.  Classic head and neck -- looks like her daddy Royal Jalliel and her grandmother Pharrah.  Extremely short-backed, wide in chest and ribs -- weaker in the back end.  I attribute that, I think to not much work and a muscle injury that put her up for a while.  she is 7 and just being started u/s.  She was very neglected in her youth and has crooked front legs.  never been bred.  tends to be flighty,
1 paint mare.  no-name breeding.  Built like a hunter, but has tiny feet and a weak end and posty hind legs.  killer trail horse and "teacher" to young 'uns because she doesn't take any crap.  Is an absolute disaster conformationally, but has great color and has thrown two of the most beautiful, correct babies you have ever seen -- with lots of color.  Is a phenomenal mommy.
so -- I think I understand what you're saying about keeping the breeding numbers down.  The gal down the road from me bought a 20 year old Arab stallion so she could make a buck.  She breeds to anyone who has $250 and a mare with a working uterus. 
But, anyway --- according to this breeding standard, would this have ruled out, say, Dottie (my Paint) for breeding if she had been looked at for a breeding certificate?  Or Sable? (my domestic bred with the short neck)?  The jury is still out on Leesa (the AK Arab mare) because although she has lineage to preserve, I am not certain she has the temperment to be a mommy.  Are we discussing mares, too? Or are we only talking about stallions?
Mary Golden
Northern New York