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[RC] breeding standards - Mary Golden

Kat --I wrote you privately about some other stuff...but.... I don't see how this would prevent overbreeding.
And well, as I'm thinking of it, here are some sorts of things that come to mind (not that they may mean anything, but they just pop in my head):
What if you have a not-so-great mare (like I have a paint mare that is a conformational disaster) that throws beautiful, correct  babies with incredible temperments (of course, when paired with the right stallion).  My Paint mare throws babies 100000% times better than herself.  That would bar those great babies from being registered, right?
Would this certifcate be contingent on conformation alone?  If so, not a single mare in my barn would qualify  -- but I know, if paired with the right stallion, they would throw good babies (well, maybe 2 of the 3 mares would -- the jury is still out on Leesa, who may not have the temperment to be a mom.
Who would set the "standards" for, say, Arabains?  Halter people?  woudl the standard then be all certified Arabians had to look Saddlebred-ish?  and what about stock horses?  Would the standard be halter-type horses with HUGE bodies and teeny tiny feet?  I think both are grossly perverse and not my idea of a good horse.
I guess I'm just looking at the three girls I have in my field, and wonder if they would pass muster -- probably not, since they are all faulted in some way;  some big faults, some minor --- or is the certification just for stallions?
Guess I'm just looking for clarification....or something ;-)
<<<For example, the AWR has a point sytem for their stallions, if a stallion recieves a 7 or better, he gets a breeding license. This makes his offspring registerable. It also makes it easier to let people know what the stallion is like. You would obviously rather breed to a 9 point stallion than a 7. If the Arabian registries would do the same, and maybe include mares, then I can see a great improvement.
       The AWR also sends judges around, or appoints them in areas, not sure. These judges make it easier for owners to have there horses graded without having to travel to far. >>>
Mary Golden
Northern New York