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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award - Heidi Smith

The concept was to honor a husband/wife team who were both active
riders throughout the season, and who both contributed substantially
to their total points, while keeping a simple format.

Well, certainly it was to honor couples in which both rode.  But I don't
think it was ever the intent to DQ couples where one rode and the other rode

I can't say for certain if prorating the points was discussed -- my
best recollection was that it came up, but was quickly dropped with
little discussion -- but my memory of those meetings is not
comprehensive.  However, if that was the intent the rule would have
had to have specified how the proration was to be done.  "Best" miles
is too vague -- just one of the difficulties with that is that twice
the shorter miles is unlikely to be a number that equals a specific
set of the rides completed by the other spouse (we have too many 55,
60, 65 mile rides for that).  So if we intended to do as Heidi
suggests, how would it be done?

Well, it was discussed, quite a bit, and like you, my memory is not entirely
comprehensive, either.  But I do recall discussion to the effect that if
spouse A rode 200 miles, then 400 miles of the more than that ridden by
spouse B would count.  Seems clear that since the award is for points, it
would be the 400 that earned the most points.

Quite frankly, the solution I liked best at the time was that both husband
and wife had to ride at the same event in order to earn points, but not
necessarily the same distance.  It seemed that that was more in keeping with
the concept of the award--that a husband and wife are out there doing the
sport together.  But I do distinctly recall that version being shot down by
the "what if" scenario that spouses were doing endurance together and
sometimes shared a horse and crewed for each other at alternate rides.  And
while I see a lot of spouses crewing, I have yet to see any couple do much
in terms of accruing any sort of husband/wife points with such a fashion,
and I still don't think it is realistic.  I still like the idea that they
both have to be entered at the same events to earn points.


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Re: [RC] Husband and Wife Team Award, Joe Long