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    Re: [RC] Truman ESQ- Feed Rule13 - Truman Prevatt

    Roger Rittenhouse wrote:

    Well Since it is no secret I use a other then an ' all grain-looking
    carbohydrate product' during a ride/race .. I am not sure if a charge
    could be filed or not. ?  past practice ?

    While I had hoped to do the ride in Aug, I wont be there, but I will
    be at BSF. Only doing the LD slow?? Depends on how he goes if I give a
    non grain-looking form of a carb product.  It dont look like corn.

    They tell me that up on old "Rocky Top," they get their corn from a jar, so I can't see much difference in your horse getting it from a different jar :-).

    Pondering --- I will get me a good ole redneck TN lawyer, from Dalton TN. Not being nice Truman. Roger R

    Not a who lot else to do on a rainy Sunday night except stir the pot:-).


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