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    [RC] Truman ESQ- Feed Rule13 - Roger Rittenhouse

    Well Since it is no secret I use a other then an ' all grain-looking
    carbohydrate product' during a ride/race .. I am not sure if a charge
    could be filed or not. ?  past practice ?
    While I had hoped to do the ride in Aug, I wont be there, but I will
    be at BSF. Only doing the LD slow?? Depends on how he goes if I give a
    non grain-looking form of a carb product.  It dont look like corn.
    Of course there is no collaborating evidence, did it do anything ?
    but IF a wrongful charge was filed I would defend - then take counter
    action to set-aside the current interpretation.  NAH cost too much.
    I will get the Judge from Ca 6th Fed Circuit Court?
     I dont know if someone would have to see me feed the stuff to my
    horse and then file, many have to.?
    Of course then what will the issue be with my elytes that are 20% dextrose?
    Pondering ---  I will get me a good ole redneck TN lawyer, from Dalton
     Not being nice Truman.
    Roger R
    TP> There is a very simple way to settle this. Bob, file a protest based on 
    TP> violation of rule 13. Roger has admitted using certain substances in his 
    TP> post and states he intendes to continue using them. Might this not be a 
    TP> test case to see what Rule 13 really means?
    TP> Seems here we have two reasonable men with different interperations of 
    TP> the rule. Why not ask the AERC to decide the "case law" on this issue.
    TP> Truman
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