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  • - Roger Rittenhouse

    [RC] Magnents; Tens units and heat sensers - Roger Rittenhouse

    I have and use an ELECTRO MAGNETIC device  - the CENTURION leg magnet
    unit.. see ads in The horse and allover.
    Does it work   you bet   IT does for ME.. I have used it on me since the wreck
    reduces inflammation pain.
    I used it on tunnel carpal  problems  GONE>
    COSTLY I got mine used.
    It works SO MUCH better and faster then static magnets.
    Go to their web site read about the science. Also on the THE HORSE
    site do a look up on the name
    I use it on the horses legs  AFTER AFTER AFTER   (CYA)  every ride. for about
    10 to 20 minutes per leg  - preventative treatment
    TENS   my PT uses it every time I go in  2x per week , GREAT.. I have
    an EMS  and set it up as TENS unit  works great - NEVER used it on my
    horse- too afraid to try it and dont know how to use it.
    IR HEAT TEMP Device   - I wrote about these - dont sell them just a
    nice tool to do leg heat scans  IT WILL find HOT sports in legs and
    foot.   ABSCESS finder   Very LOW cost under $100   great for other
    temp testing things  like where the house has poor insulation.
    Hot tires on the truck/trailer.   Nice tool
    > From: "Joan Ruprecht" <jruprecht@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    > Subject: [RC]   Magnents; Tens units and heat sensers
    > These were a hot item a bit back. Have they proved useless ore useful
    > Joan.
    Roger Rittenhouse
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