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    Re: [RC] Crupper - DESERTRYDR1

    Ah, the crupper.  My friend got a new horse a few years ago, and the first 
    time she put a saddle on the mare to lunge her before the first ride, the 
    mare galloped around the round pen on her front feet, with her back feet 
    hitting the ground about every third stride.  Otherwise they were straight up 
    in the air.  The saddle turned, she got one hind foot caught in the stirrup, 
    and after about 5 minutes we got her stopped.  My friend was a bit leary of 
    riding her, but it turns out that once you get on, she's a real sweetie.  
    Maybe it was the lunge line.  So, she rode the mare a few months, and decided 
    that the saddle was sliding forward on downhills.  She figured she'd put a 
    crupper on the mare and let her work it out in the round pen.  (no lunge 
    line)  The mare was a little skittish when the thing went under her tail, and 
    right away she started galloping.  Then she started galloping faster and 
    faster, and pretty soon she was galloping on her front feet, with her rears 
    hitting the ground about every third stride!  I have never seen anything like 
    it, with the exception of a couple of bareback broncs that the guys could 
    score real high on.  This mare went on like that for about 20 minutes.  We 
    couldn't get her stopped, and when finally we did, we weren't sure how to get 
    the crupper off, because every time we touched it, she started freaking out 
    again.  I guess finally she was just so tired that we unhooked it and backed 
    up, and it finally fell out from under her tail.  Scary ordeal!   I've never 
    seen another horse react that strongly to a crupper.  And thank the horse 
    gods, she has never done the front feet gallop again.  Of course, she will 
    never wear a crupper....   
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