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    Re: [RC] Magnents; Tens units and heat sensers - Rob

    Don't try the tens on your horse. It works just like a hot wire, just
    ain't no way for the horse to get away from it. There was a guy I used
    to shoe for that lived in Brentwood that did Gran Prix jumping. Thought
    if he put a set of tens pads under his saddle he'd be able to make the
    horse clear higher jumps. His thinking was turn it on just before he got
    to the jump, then 6'3" would be a piece of cake. Well all it did was
    turn his warm blood into something that looked as if it were leased from
    the Flyin' W rodeo ranch. Horses and tens units are as much fun as fire
    and hydrogen.
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    [RC] Magnents; Tens units and heat sensers, Roger Rittenhouse