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    [RC] Elyte Chem Lesson by Rob - Roger Rittenhouse

    Rob  --and you are a  shoer also  ??
    Nice paper.  I actually understand a good amount of it.
    Years ago we use to have very good professional and technical
    presentations at the OD100 spring education sessions, a 2 day event
    in Leesburg.  I also attended a few AAEP and AESM meetings.. NOW most
    of THAT was over my head.
    Hey OD officials - why not do this again? Talk about  the OD Research Ride.
    NOW that would be a great 2 day technical medical presentation.
      - I still have all my notes from those lectures.
    We had Dane Fraizer and MMS and Kerry Ridgeway and riders..
    The best education sessions were the OD100 sponsored event.
    Could make some money here for the OD. ??
    Rob  do you lecture?  I bet  so -   lets - see a shoer with   internal med
    knowledge, ??uhmmm
    Truman whats on for SERA?
     Roger Rittenhouse
    > From: Rob <haksaw@xxxxxxxxxx>
    > Subject: [RC]   Re. B.C.A.A. Complex
    > Bob:
    > There's more to electrolytes than salt (NaCl). Which is actually the
    > cation Na+ with the anion Cl- attached to it. Electrolytes are broken
    > down into two groups. Cations and Anions. Here's a list of them.
    > Cations: Na+, K+, Ca++, and Mg++. The Anions are: Cl-, HCO3-,
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