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    [RC] Fuel Issue was BCAA - Roger Rittenhouse

       I forgot to say  the refined feed product is made from CORN. So its quite
    NORMAL  just very concentrated.
    Someone told me an oz of some of these products provide the
    equivalent energy of about 1 pound of CORN.
    We DO agree we have  to feed our horses during a ride. Mine surely
    cannot make it 50 miles without  feed, refuel the burn.
    They just dont store enough to go that far without some outside source
    of fuel - feed. It could be hay  not much there for todays work  just
    keeps the GI track full, then the new feed of choice BEET PULP --
    very  natural?    great feed to get in WATER and FIBER  and some
    energy source.
    MOST riders  - surely offer a grain product. We are aware of
    the problems with high gain feeding over load and the potential for
    I REALLY do not think CORN in the natural form  is the best grain to
    use during a ride/race.
    Far too much of a risk for me - the digestive process of corn -  we
      know this - could end up with undigested grain in the lower
    intestines where it ferments.   Followed by  possible colic.
    As speed increase  AHH therein  lies the rub...  the need increases for a
    better means to feed the burn, the expenditure of stored fuels.
    We know we  should not feed FAT during a race, takes to long to process, We
    do feed some levels of fat at home to build up the reserve of stored fats,
    Then we burn the fat off as the fuel during a ride.
    We do require the glucose/glycogen to burn the fat and provide cross over
    fuel when we go faster then the fat metabolizing process will support
    the effort. A dual fuel burner.
    I desire to provide a source of safe easily digestible
    carbohydrates to the horse during the ride.
    If BP and OATS will provide enough -to refuel the glycogen tanks at
    the VC    that is just  fine.
    If not then I need to get another food source.
    To replenish the losses.
    I look at this process not much different then the elyte
    replenishment process. We use very hi-tech elytes - some of us do,  to
    support the losses of ions.
    We cannot store enough elytes nor glucose/glycogen to go 50 miles ---
    (well maybe at a walk an easy trot)  but my horse does not.
    But we are not doing that - we are going faster - and not really all
    that much faster then years ago.
     I am looking for a method to insure a better system to provide for refueling and ion
    supplementation and keeping the  horse well balanced internally to do
    the job asked and most importantly--  have lots of reserve at the end.
    I no longer subscribe to the concept of the 'toothpaste tube' - That is-
    the horse only has so many miles in him that day and you use up the
    tube - you cannot replenish it. I like to think I can top it off.
    I use NO   -- AB-NORMAL substance  its FEED,  processed CORN.
    Really- it is derived from pure CORN. nothing added . Amount fed 1-2  oz
    and this has NOTHING to do with CONDITIONING, I assume I am discussing
     a FIT horse physically ready to go 'fast' for 50 miles
     back to you Bob -  so far nice banter-  we can cut it off when ever.?
    better then underwear
    Roger R
    BM> Roger:
    BM> I do not agree that supplementing with <<<Feeding a strange
    BM> named naturally occurring  feed substance in large
    BM> qualities is morally wrong but feeding 16 oz of maple syrup
    BM> is not
    BM> - since its simple sugar and sounds good?>>>
    BM> That is definitely in contravention with our Rules and I can
    BM> see no way you can say it is not. It is my concern that
    BM> every one is into "fueling" the horse like it was a diesel
    BM> truck. Carbo charge, sugar, corn syrup or any thing in
    BM> abnormal quantities. And Maple syrup at the current price is
    BM> not very economic minded as well.
    BM> <<<However YOU  - Bob told me I should be held in violation
    BM> of rule 13 for
    BM> feeding a strange named carbohydrate feed product. ?
    BM> One that is based on complex sugars - slow uptake one that
    BM> is
    BM> formulated  to control the glucose swings. Much safer to use
    BM> then high
    BM> fructose corn syrup.>>>
    BM> But still to this day an abnormal substance in abnormal
    BM> amounts!
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