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    Re: [RC] OD (Long) - Jim Holland

    "C. Eyler" wrote:
    > Ah, but wouldn't you like all the ride vets to at least be consistent?  That
    > was the goal of the 'team' lameness check format at the pre-ride check.
    > Many of the vets at OD this year had worked together before, but we also had
    > a few who, while very experienced, had never worked OD before or worked with
    > the other vets at this ride.
    Hmmm...let's consider now. The same group of vets checked Sunny twice at
    vet-in. His trot is pretty standard, no funny gait, very vanila. The
    first time the concensus was that he was off on the left rear. On the
    recheck he was off on the right front. We pulled at Fitchett, where he
    was judged off on the left front.  A few minues of exam and palpation at
    that time did not disclose a probable cause, the pad was still on, and
    he was not sensitive to any manipulation there. After having the
    opportunity to observe him more closely on the ride home, (We take off
    ever 3 hours or so)the problem is actually in the RIGHT REAR.  He was
    tender either in the stifle area or hip. 
    That said about "consistency", I will also say that it is not the
    responsibity of the vet at a ride to determine the cause of the
    lameness, but simply to determine if the horse is sound at a trot.  Any
    other information is provided gratis, for which we are all grateful. The
    help is always appreciated.
    If more "consistency" was the desired result of the vet-in procedure at
    OD, there were other things that, IMHO, would have produced a more fair
    vet-in and make it easier on everyone.  
    There were two vet groups when I vetted in. The two groups were not
    running the same pattern at times, nor was the pattern being executed
    the same way because of the cone layout. There were only two cones about
    10 feet apart at the other end. I was asked to trot a cirle and a half
    right (ending up at the far end) a cirle left, then straight back down
    the middle. 
    I think this was SUPPOSED to have been a trot to the other end (view
    trotting away) circle to the right (right turn view) circle to the left
    (left turn view) then trot straight back (view trotting toward) That
    would have made more sense to me.
    Afterwards, I watched the trot-outs through quite a few "gin and
    tonics". <grin> There were all kinds of variations and inconsistencies
    in the way riders trotted out their horses. Since the trot out circle
    was not delineated very well, some people trotted almost straight out,
    there were large circles, small circles, wrong patterns, etc. The result
    was that the vets did not "see" each horse the same way. There should
    have been at least 3 cones to define the cirle diameter, and 6 would
    have been even better. 
    It was also interesting, as Heidi pointed out in another post, how
    different vets "see" things. I had one vet ask me while we were checking
    Sunny to kneel down and watch the "uneven rhythm" of his feet as he
    trotted away. Hmmm...he has better eyes than I do...all I could see was
    dust and a blur of feet and tail.
    I personally don't think "the 'team' lameness check format" at the
    vet-in did anything to promote "consistency". In fact, I thought the
    reverse was true. Just my opinion...I have no complaints.  I was treated
    well by all the vets and enjoyed working with them.
     > > Just out of curiosity, do you know how many riders did not start
    (in all
    > > rides) this year and how that percentage compares with other years?
    > Have no idea.
    Are you interested in finding out if the new 'team' lameness check
    format"  procedure increased or decreased the number of non-starters?
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic
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