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    [RC] OD - goearth

    There will be another no more perfect day for this ride.  And there were 24 in the 100.  74 in the 50.  Jeff Crandall has continued his dominance in Training and Riding, winning the 50 2 of 3 years and training the winning horse last year.  I fell asleep at the finish line of the 100 before all was said and done.  I think it was Debby Bullis riding Julie Bullocks horse  won the 100 arround 10:30 pm.  Lynn Gilbert was the only Cavalry rider to finish in 2 or 3 on g.m. Chagall. I think there were arround 15 finishers.   Everything is a blurr.  I'll leave the rest to the #'s folk to correct me and add.  At Noon, at Fosters Landing (40 miles), Art Kings gadget said it was 81 degrees w/a 60% humidity. It don't get NO better than that here in June. Where were all you people?   eating twinkies? or planning your next or first ride.  This management is tops and Matthew worked his butt off on some new trail up Habron Gap.     tom sites