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    Re: [RC] OD (Long) - Jim Holland

    IMHO and given the variations in gate between horses, sometimes it's
    hard enough enough to get agreement with two vets. Adding a third and a 
    "peanut gallery" of three more doesn't sound like a step in the right
    direction! <grin> 
    I really didn't like the "concensus" approach....I don't think that did
    anything except make the evaluation procedure more difficult and all
    that "firepower" may have overwhelmed some riders. I have no complaints,
    tho...they gave me the benefit of the doubt. They were all great, easy
    to work with, and obviously knew their jobs. However, I think that
    approach MIGHT have prevented a timid rider that didn't speak up from
    starting. I don't know that for sure. I know of at least three 50 milers
    and one 100 miler who were "rechecked" for lameness and finished in fine
    shape...Flinn was one of those. Not all riders "know" the horse they are
    riding that day the way I know Sunny.  
    Personally, I prefer working with a single vet, then asking for a second
    opinion from another vet if we're not on the same page. Sorta like "Too
    Many Cooks Spoil the Stew"? :)
    Just out of curiosity, do you know how many riders did not start (in all
    rides) this year and how that percentage compares with other years? 
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic 
    "C. Eyler" wrote:
    > > Really great group of vets...but were they evermore picky! Sort of a
    > > "committee" vet-in with 6-8 vets and a double loop trot out.
    > There were six vets watching your trot-out.  The other folks were vet
    > recorders.
    > The plan was to have three vets evaluating the trot-out and three vets
    > observing, and (theoretically, at least) those observing were not supposed
    > to make any comments or participate in any discussion about the horse.
    > After a while, those doing the evaluation cycled over to doing hands-on, the
    > trot observers became the trot evaluators, and three more vets who'd been
    > doing hands-on went over to be the trot-out observers.  Eventually, all the
    > vets cycled through all three procedures.
    > The purpose of this maneuver was to try to get the vets to be consistent in
    > their lameness evaluations throughout the 100-, 50- and 25-mile rides.
    > Cindy
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