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    Re: [RC] OD (Long) - C. Eyler

    > Really great group of vets...but were they evermore picky! Sort of a
    > "committee" vet-in with 6-8 vets and a double loop trot out.
    There were six vets watching your trot-out.  The other folks were vet
    The plan was to have three vets evaluating the trot-out and three vets
    observing, and (theoretically, at least) those observing were not supposed
    to make any comments or participate in any discussion about the horse.
    After a while, those doing the evaluation cycled over to doing hands-on, the
    trot observers became the trot evaluators, and three more vets who'd been
    doing hands-on went over to be the trot-out observers.  Eventually, all the
    vets cycled through all three procedures.
    The purpose of this maneuver was to try to get the vets to be consistent in
    their lameness evaluations throughout the 100-, 50- and 25-mile rides.
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