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Re: Re: Re: Dogs

I wasn't that aware of the "dog problem" until I rode the NC this weekend.
Here is my experience with dogs there:
At the first vet check on the 100 the crew must be all parked right next to
each other.  The person beside us had a big German Shepard tied to their
trailer.  Yes, tied, but tied long enough to get into our food AT OUR TRUCK.
And walk all over our stuff.  The owners were sitting right there.  They
made no attempt to contain the dog.  When they left I tied the dog to the
other side of their truck.  Too bad for the people on the other side!
Second instance:  Dogs at ride meetings.  Yes, they are on a leash, but they
are not IN YOUR LAP.  The dogs are bothering everyone around you.
Third instance:  this was so humorus that I can't believe it. A girl took
her very big dog into the tiny bathroom where we all were lined up to take a
Fourth instance:  There were several dogs IN THE TENT at the banquet!  One
person had a dog IN LINE in front of me!  Oh yes, it was on a leash, but I
had to step over it to serve my plate.

Dog owners, let me say this.  Just because your dog is on a leash, it does
not mean that he is not bothering others.  Why in the world people think
they have to bring their dogs to the meetings or banquet is beyond me.  I
don't bring my HORSE to the banquet!!

Whining to RM is not the solution.  We are busy enough as it is, and Barbara
is right, we don't need more stress.  In order to keep our sanity, we have
to ignore some things.  I would not have dreamed of talking to RM at the NC
about the dog problem.  They did the most fantastic job you have ever seen
putting on such a grand event.

So, what is the solution?  Riders, you must unite and help!  There are ways
to "teach" these owners...move the dog yourself...tie him up...maybe
somewhere where it will take the owners a while to find them....

One of our rides in this area states on its flyer "loose dogs will be caught
and used for the potluck"!

Let me end this with a story of what my horses think of dogs (they live on
100 acres).  This summer some people came to visit and let their two big
shepards out of their truck.  My husband warned them to "watch their dogs
around the horses" and they said "oh my dogs wouldn't hurt your horses".  At
this point the dog went under the fence, and here comes the stallion, full
gallop, ears back and teeth bared!  The dog barely escaped with its life!
Weren't the owners surprised!!!
Louise Burton
Firedance Farms Endurance Arabians

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