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Re: Re: Dogs

Title: Re: Dogs
Ride managers don't have the time to be on dog patrol, so differentiating between "good dogs" and bad ones is out of the question.
Maryben acted as dog patrol for us one year.  How did that go, MB?
The separate camping area idea has worked the best for us so far.  We've even been thanked by some riders for doing so.  The ones who don't comply, wouldn't follow any rule we set anyway.  We just have to accept the fact that there are always going to be people who think the rules don't apply to them.  I've stopped fighting with people about it, because I need all the composure and calm I can muster at the time of a ride event, and it isn't worth it to me to stir up the adrenaline.  But if I see a dog in an area I don't want it, I can calmly say that the dog must be removed.  I refuse to be put on the defensive and have someone lay a guilt trip on me.
Barbara McCrary
Ride manager, Swanton Pacific 75/100
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From: Tara Wheeler
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2001 10:07 AM
Subject: RC: Re: Dogs

I wish there was some way we could issue a 'good dog' license for dogs and owners who don't act up at rides.

I generally go to rides alone, and prefer traveling with my 100+ pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, who goes nowhere off my property without a leash.

He doesn't bark, dig, go near horses or cause any problems in camp (in fact, we've received compliments as 'Burt' loves both eating horse poop and hiding out under my rig) and I hate hearing about incidents caused by the bad manners of other riders/dog owners.

I feel a lot safer with 'Burt' and would probably think twice about going to ride alone without him.

Isn't there some happy medium?  I don't mind being put off to a side of camp, but I do mind being grouped around people who let their dogs run loose.

Can't we set up some sort of a roping posse who can team rope roaming dogs? Levy fines against people who let their dogs roam?  Anything but ban dogs totally at rides.

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