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Re: Dogs

Title: Re: Dogs
I wish there was some way we could issue a 'good dog' license for dogs and owners who don't act up at rides.

I generally go to rides alone, and prefer traveling with my 100+ pound Rhodesian Ridgeback, who goes nowhere off my property without a leash.

He doesn't bark, dig, go near horses or cause any problems in camp (in fact, we've received compliments as 'Burt' loves both eating horse poop and hiding out under my rig) and I hate hearing about incidents caused by the bad manners of other riders/dog owners.

I feel a lot safer with 'Burt' and would probably think twice about going to ride alone without him.

Isn't there some happy medium?  I don't mind being put off to a side of camp, but I do mind being grouped around people who let their dogs run loose.

Can't we set up some sort of a roping posse who can team rope roaming dogs? Levy fines against people who let their dogs roam?  Anything but ban dogs totally at rides.

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