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Re: RC: Re: NC just back...BC 50 (Angie)

At 9:10 PM -0400 10/17/01, Jim Holland wrote:
>I got such a kick out of seeing the pictures of you and Rudy cantering
>down the middle of those two riders "towing" their horses across the
>finish!  Would LOVE to have been there for that!  My crew, all three of
>them (Joan, Cindy, and Leslie) were hanging around the finish waiting
>for us and got to see and take pictures of that. Priceless!  Wish they
>had a movie camera....this was one of those things, along with the
>juniors crossing the finish holding hands, that you will remember
>forever about this ride.  This whole ride was so much fun....there was
>so much going on I just couldn't be all the places I wanted to be to see
>it all.....It was kinda like the first time I visited Disneyland years
ago in California.

You have to explain for the benefit of all the ridecampers that 
weren't at the NCs about how tough the finish location was for the 

Since you haven't, I will.  The horses, uh, equines come down a hill 
behind camp and travel on a road that parallels camp; passing 
corralled entrants in the process.  Then they have to *keep going*, 
across the main road into camp, past a softball field and around a 
big pasture.  Only then do they get to approach camp and finish 
parallel to the main road where spectators mingled on both sides. 
I'd imagine it was VERY hard to leave camp at 49.7 (or whatever ) 
miles without even stopping for a bite to eat!

Personally, I'll never forget the sight of Jan Worthington's horse 
slipping and falling on her as he and the horse he was racing made a 
left some yards after the finish line.  Amazing she wasn't hurt.

Lots of good Rudy pictures on the website, yep.


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