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Re: RC: Re: NC just back...BC 50 (Angie)


I got such a kick out of seeing the pictures of you and Rudy cantering
down the middle of those two riders "towing" their horses across the
finish!  Would LOVE to have been there for that!  My crew, all three of
them (Joan, Cindy, and Leslie) were hanging around the finish waiting
for us and got to see and take pictures of that. Priceless!  Wish they
had a movie camera....this was one of those things, along with the
juniors crossing the finish holding hands, that you will remember
forever about this ride.  This whole ride was so much fun....there was
so much going on I just couldn't be all the places I wanted to be to see
it all.....It was kinda like the first time I visited Disneyland years
ago in California.

Great ride... Congratulations! We all are so pround of Rudy! What a
great guy!  Loved the pictures on Lynne's web site. My next door
neighbor, who rides and pack trips with mules, was just REALLY razzing
me about this.  He's really impressed with my Arabian, Sunny, but he was
MORE impressed that not only did you finish ahead of Sunny, but won BC!
I'll NEVER hear the end of this! All I'm gonna hear is the virtues of
mules, mules, mules forever! <sigh>

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic....but no mules!

Arco Farm wrote:
> >Angie McGhee
> >..................before I write my
> > novel but wanted to congratulate RUDY THE MULE >for winning BC in the 50.
> You know, if you spell it with >lower case letters... Rudy, turn the "d"
> backwards and >you get Ruby...coincidence??
> Thanks Angie and everyone else for your compliments and your support!!!
> Rudy really likes to run with the Arabians and I am estatic that his
> presence has been so well accepted at all the rides, especially the NC!!
> You know, that bronze BC trophy  s-o-r-t-a  looks like Rudy ......  :)   It
> is an awesome sculpture with incredible detail and it has an esteemed
> location in my living room where I get misty eyed looking at it.   I am so
> proud of my mule!!!
> See you guys at the races!!!!
> Cindy  (Whoa Mule!!)
> Arco Rudy (Why are all their ears so short?)
> Meg (Where are the sheep?)
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