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Re: NC just back...BC 50 (Angie)

>Angie McGhee
>..................before I write my
> novel but wanted to congratulate RUDY THE MULE >for winning BC in the 50.
You know, if you spell it with >lower case letters... Rudy, turn the "d"
backwards and >you get Ruby...coincidence??

Thanks Angie and everyone else for your compliments and your support!!!
Rudy really likes to run with the Arabians and I am estatic that his
presence has been so well accepted at all the rides, especially the NC!!
You know, that bronze BC trophy  s-o-r-t-a  looks like Rudy ......  :)   It
is an awesome sculpture with incredible detail and it has an esteemed
location in my living room where I get misty eyed looking at it.   I am so
proud of my mule!!!

See you guys at the races!!!!

Cindy  (Whoa Mule!!)
Arco Rudy (Why are all their ears so short?)
Meg (Where are the sheep?)

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