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weenie or concerned mom?

Hey guys, I asked earlier today about the bladder infection.  I spoke to my 
vet who said my mare is indeed showing classic symptoms of a urinary tract 
infection and she'll come by tomorrow morning and she'll look her over and 
we'll start Special on antibiotics.  She then said something about 
remembering to take the antibiotics to the ride this weekend.  I had assumed 
that I'd be missing the ride.  My mare is really not herself and was so 
uncomfortable that I couldn't imagine asking her to go for 25 miles.  The vet 
seemed to think that she'd be good to go after 24 hours on antibiotics.  I've 
had a bladder infection before and, while I felt better after 24 hours, I was 
by no means completely recovered.  What do you guys think?  Am I just a 
wussie?  These rides are for fun and I don't think I'd be having fun if 
Special wasn't.


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