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Re: RC: Conformation flaws that are "Deal Breakers"

Yes, the trot photo of her does catch her loafing.  When she was really
jetting around she was overtracking a foot or more.  Is a lack of the "fold
in the fetlock" what people are referring to when they call horses
daisy-clippers?  Overall, I was plesed with this mare's way of going for a
horse of her maturity.

I know the calf-knees aren't her only conformational fault -- her neck's a
little short and could tie more smoothly into the wither, she toes out a
bit behind, she's of the more tubular persuasion rather than the cobby Arab
type, etc. -- but the knees are the only things that foreshadow serious
soundness problems.  If I'm wrong, _please_ educate me.

I realize I'm not going to find the perfect horse, but I'm hoping to find
the perfect horse *for me*.  I'm willing to forgive some faults (many,
even), but am just trying to make an educated decision about which faults
are forgiveable and which I should be a stickler about.


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