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Re: RC: Conformation flaws that are "Deal Breakers"

Hi Kimberly
No, daisy clipping is not a fault--- it is a desirable trait in
endurance--- no wasted movement at the trot--- and it does not preclude
fold in the fetlock. It merely means that there is a minimal amount of
lift so that the horse does not expend any extra energy but rather
reaches far in front and "grabs" the ground like they are pulling it
towards them (of course that is an illusion caused by the powerful hind
action pushing them forward).
So far as calf knees, they did not appear severe to me from the photo
but I defer to the experts--- (Haven't had any calf kneed as yet---
knock on wood-- an occasional clubby foot which can be managed and once
in a while an offset knee-- none of which appeared to affect them in
performance if managed properly (or left along in the case of the
latter). Tom, are you there???? What do race trainers think about calf
PS Overtracking a foot or so is GOOD--- I'd put some emphasis on that!
She is a beauty; I can tell that from the photo! Oh, the tubiness will
appear less so once she puts on more body--- remember, she is VERY
immature at this point and has a lot more substance to put on before she
is through growing. Mark has told me to hide most of my 2 year olds
until 4 or 5--- they look soooo gangly! Halyva Guy looked cow-hocked at
2 (like a baby) but boy you should see this 15.2hh guy now! He's in
training with Donna Snyder-Smith at Red Shield who feels he is their
hottest prospect. Might give his father a run for his money on breedings
should they keep him a stallion! And it was between his 5th and 7th year
that he put on his last 2 inches of height and a lot more substance.

Kimberly Friedman wrote:
> Bette,
> Yes, the trot photo of her does catch her loafing.  When she was really
> jetting around she was overtracking a foot or more.  Is a lack of the "fold
> in the fetlock" what people are referring to when they call horses
> daisy-clippers?  Overall, I was plesed with this mare's way of going for a
> horse of her maturity.
> I know the calf-knees aren't her only conformational fault -- her neck's a
> little short and could tie more smoothly into the wither, she toes out a
> bit behind, she's of the more tubular persuasion rather than the cobby Arab
> type, etc. -- but the knees are the only things that foreshadow serious
> soundness problems.  If I'm wrong, _please_ educate me.
> I realize I'm not going to find the perfect horse, but I'm hoping to find
> the perfect horse *for me*.  I'm willing to forgive some faults (many,
> even), but am just trying to make an educated decision about which faults
> are forgiveable and which I should be a stickler about.
> Kimberly
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Bette Lamore
Whispering Oaks Arabians, Home of 16.2hh TLA Halynov
(yes, REALLY!)

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