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Re: RC: Advice on clipping

At 10:42 PM 03/15/2000 -0500, wrote:
>So....does anyone know of a less objectionable substance I can use to cool
>the clippers? Something a little more environmentally and mammalian friendly??

Time.  Do the clip job in stages.

I start with the horses back, then do the sides and belly.  By the time the 
clipper get warm the ticklish spots are already done.  I usually need a 
break myself, and so does the horse so after doing the back, sides and 
belly I usually take a break and go get something to eat or else take the 
horse on a walk.  That way the clippers get a break and a chance to cool 
off and my back gets a chance to recover :).

I currently have 2 horses in various stages of full body clips.  One horse 
has everything done except the lower part of his hind legs.  The other 
horse has everything done except his head and lower legs.  I use the big 
variable speed ones from Oster (165?) that take two hands to hold so it can 
be a little tricky doing all the little grooves and dents on their head and 
around their ears, and I have to balance their hooves up on a shelf in 
order to do their legs.  I use the Kool-lube too, but haven't ever noticed 
it leaving a residue on the horse - haven't noticed it smelling 
either.  Maybe because it's 15+ years old? <g>

I asked the neighbor the other day if he was going to laugh at my partially 
clipped horse - the chestnut one with everything done except his hind legs, 
and he laughs and says "no, it just looks like he has pants on".  I love 
clipping the chestnut horse because after he's clipped he shines like a 
brand new copper penny in a couple of hours, (except that he is no longer 
copper, more like palomino!) what a change from the thick fuzzy winter coat 
he's been rolling in the mud with all winter long!  :P

Happy Trails,

in NV
& Rocky, 2,410 miles
& Weaver, 3,205 miles

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