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Advice on clipping

Morning, Campers,

   It's almost clipping season. In fact, I clipped Jordan's belly, only 
because I know from experience that he will NOT shed it out, and the rest of 
him is shedding like crazy. His papers insist he's purebred Arabian, but I 
think there was a wooly mammoth in the wood pile somewheres, because he sure 
is hairy........

   When I clip him, I use the blade wash that Oster's sells. I've also used 
kerosene. I can't the smell of either one of the these products (and Oster's 
"Kool-Lube" spray, or whatever? Whisht, that stuff is terrible!!! It made me 
high, stunk up the entire area and doesn't cool the blades. ) and I certainly 
don't like the idea of whatever it may do to a horse's skin. The stuff 
doesn't evaporate, it's oily, it STAYS on the horse for days, it seems, it 
stinks, and if you get any of it on your clothes, it stains them  and smells 
up the wash machine.

So....does anyone know of a less objectionable substance I can use to cool 
the clippers? Something a little more environmentally and mammalian friendly??

Michelle and Jordan (mom, that stuff stinks. But it sure picks up the mud 
when I roll...)

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