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Re: Re: Burying on the home farm

It is actually illegal here in So. CA to bury animals, especially livestock.
Health reasons I guess.  I didnt care tho.  When my world champion mare,
endurance and CTR partner and best friend passed away a few years back, I
was devastated.  My husband arrainged for a neighbor to come and bury her
with his back hoe.  I was with her when she died, but, I couldnt bear the
watching indignity of her being dragged to the hole and put into it.  That
was the only thing in our life together that I couldnt be with her for.  I
felt like a coward, but , I just couldnt watch the last act.   I do have
some solace in the fact that she is here, well , sort of.  Im sure in spirit
she is any way.  :>)))) gesa
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From: Maggie Mieske <>
To: Susan <>; <>
Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 6:04 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Horse slaughter

> <it would be wonderful if we could all have
>our animals peacefully put to sleep and buried on
>the home farm - but that is unrealistic for the
>majority. >
>Just curious....why is it unrealistic to bury one's horse on the home farm?
> Just wondering...
>Maggie Mieske
>Mieske's Silver Lining
>10601 S. Richards Rd.
>McBain, Michigan 49657
>> From: Susan <>
>> To:
>> Subject: RC:  Horse slaughter
>> Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2000 8:24 PM
>> I had hoped to avoid this thread since it is not
>> really endurance related, but it seems it is a
>> passionate issue with many.
>> I'd like to share a recent first hand experience
>> with you.
>> At a local sale yard there were the usual 30 or so
>> horses being offered for sale. There were also the
>> half dozen already condemned to die - kept in a
>> feedlot until the day they would be shipped to the
>> packing house. They were well fed and cared for,
>> although they were just tossed into a strange
>> environment with strange animals.  At least half
>> of these horses had no 'visible'
>> fact, one was a very striking bay, tall, athletic
>> looking, kind of eye and alert.
>> A mother and her two children were discussing
>> these horses, unaware that they were not being
>> offered in the regular sale. They were seriously
>> considering bidding on the 'gorgeous bay'. As a
>> kindness, I informed them that these horses were
>> all unsound and would not be going up for sale -
>> they were to be sent for slaughter. You would have
>> thought I had murdered the woman's children on the
>> spot! She went into hysterics - screaming for
>> anyone that was near - trying to marshall a group
>> to 'storm the office' and stop them from
>> destroying these beautiful animals.......
>> You see, her heart saw but her mind did not
>> comprehend. She did not (could not) know that the
>> bay suffered from incurable navicular - and that
>> any movement at all caused him excruciating
>> pain.....and the owners had opted to put him out
>> of his misery rather than prolong it with drugs or
>> nerving.
>> She could not know that the two of the other
>> horses had incurable illness'......her untrained
>> eye could not even tell that one of the horses was
>> so arthritic his hocks no longer functioned......
>> Should she have been 'allowed' to rescue these
>> horses? Should anyone have the right (uninformed
>> and uneducated) to step in and override the
>> decisions that had been made after numerous hours
>> of heartbreak and in many cases the expenditure of
>> large amounts of cash for veterinary treatment
>> that is unsuccessful?
>> Perhaps there is a more humane way to deal with
>> this - it would be wonderful if we could all have
>> our animals peacefully put to sleep and buried on
>> the home farm - but that is unrealistic for the
>> majority.  And I personally don't have a problem
>> with providing a meat source to foreign countries
>> - its no different than our consumption of beef in
>> America! In India cows are sacred......whats the
>> difference?
>> Sorry this got so lengthy - but its important that
>> people understand BOTH sides......
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