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Re: slaughter to superstar

Dear Debi;
And let us not forget "Red", the amazing horse Heather Bergantz rides, that
BC'd Tevis this last year and has finished many other endurance events at
the top, was rescued from slaughter too.  You just never know.

><<  Well, in the end, buying
> a horse at a dead end auction where Alpo is present never struck me as a
> place to go looking fo an athlete - a HALTER retiree or reject, maybe, but
> not a good athlete in good shape. >>
>This jumped out at me and I had to share.  I bought my first Arab at an
>auction in Thurmont, MD, where too many of the horses sold go to the meat
>market.  I was there 13 years ago on one fateful night, looking over the
>horses.  There were five scrawny looking Arabs standing in a pen huddled
>together.  I said to my husband, "That's so sad.  You know where they're
>The second horse presented that night came from that pen.  His name was CBS
>Redman.  He was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen, especially all
>tacked up and blowing smoke--he was very nervous.  Suddenly, we were
> I couldn't even breathe I was so excited and nervous.  The gavel fell at
>$1,250--I think it was a record for an Arab at this auction house.  They
>don't like "them Arabs" much there.
>You have a 3 day soundness guarantee from this auction house.  My vet and
>friend, Dottie McAdams, examined "Red" the next day.  She said he was a
>"little loose in the stifles--nothing a little exercise wouldn't fix."  :-)
>Well, I sure took her advice to heart and his fabulous endurance career
>Many of you know the story...he's been a superstar in the sport and
>completely changed my life.  With him, I've traveled all over the country
>to Holland to compete in the World Championship. It was one night, one
>at an auction 13 years ago--fairy tales do happen and dreams do come true!
>Redman's story is filled with so much drama--the stirring victories, the
>heartbreaking failures--maybe someday I'll write the story.  In my spare
>time...   Debi Gordon

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