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Re: RC: Re: Bum knees and joint lubes

In a message dated 03/15/2000 8:49:23 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I dont drink milk, however,  what do these people think would happen to 
cattle and / or dairy cows if we all became vegetarians and stopped drinking 
milk and eating cheese??  I see endangered species list.  I dread the time 
that they get on us again.  Endurance riding took a spanking from the likes 
of them a few years back.  I guess if all of the meat animals we eat were to 
disappear because of them, then , we would have to eat PETAs!!   >>

Apparently their goal is to have all people become vegetarians.  And yes, I 
believe if we all gave up animal products for food, then there would be no 
reason to breed them.  Perhaps PETA prefers to turn all the domestic 
food-producing animals loose to breed indiscriminately, but then we might 
discover they would be eating all the vegetables 
we are supposed to eat!  PETA stands for People for Ethical Treatment of 
Animals.  Milking cows is unethical?  Or is it the housing of cows they 
object to?  Who knows?


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