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Wednesday September 2 2009

Princess has apparently decided, after two-and-a-half months, that she's done with motherhood. At least she lets Smokey nurse, and she lets Smokey stick her head under mom's tail to keep flies off her face, but she sure isn't much concerned with having a baby anymore.

Sometimes the other horses get tired of babysitting for an absent Princess.

Kazam - "Not my turn to watch the kid!"

Rhett - "Don't think so, kid."

Finneas - "Not a chance!"

Stormy -"Not MY turn again!"

One day Smokey couldn't find her anywhere, ran up and down the pasture whinnying and yelling in a panic for Mamma, who didn't answer.

Up ("Mamma! Mamma!")

down ("Mamma! Mamma!")

up ("MAMMA! MAMMA!")

down ("MAMMA! MAMMA!")

She ran back up and got Kazam and Sophie

stirred up to run with her back to the house - "Hurry! Come look for my mamma with me! Emergency! My Mamma's gone!"

The two elders followed Smokey up to the house, Smokey kept crying for Mamma, Mamma never did answer, Smokey's sides were heaving from running; I finally lead them all to the back pen where Princess had her head buried in the hay. Mamma never did look up, even when Smokey ran up to her still hollering, and started to nurse.

New poster went up in Owyhee today:

"One Cute Abandoned Child Up for Adoption.
Do you want to be my Mamma?"


Well one thing is for sure Smokey sure can RUN! LOL! Poor little guy!
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