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Monday April 20 2009

Need a date? Need a companion for a few hours? Need someone to lean on or someone to help build up your confidence? Jose's your man.

Maybe you are, say, a little gray gal who hasn't been out much and could use a handsome, intelligent, clever, personable, confident, patient escort out on the high desert trails. You're not real nimble yet, and you sure aren't used to hills, and maybe you aren't quite sure of yourself out in the big world, if you've lived most of your life in a small flat paddock.

If that's you, then Jose's your man.

Today Jose politely, quietly, gallantly and willingly (especially with carrot treats!) accompanied Carol's new, rather inexperienced little gray mare out on a trail ride, up a sandy wash, up a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hill (Jose grazed along the way while the mare stopped to rest and collect her thoughts about this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hill), and along a ridge with a great 360* view of the big Owyhee world.

It was a good leg stretching, and easy ride for Jose, after his 25-mile endurance ride on Saturday, and it was a good confidence building trail ride for the little mare, who led a very handsome polite gelding all the way.

All that, and Jose doesn't charge much - a handful of carrots and a bucket of grain, and a few head hugs by his rider at the end is all he needs.


When I saw, Jose's Escort Service...I just had to check it out!
Too precious!
Great Idea!
You made me laugh, also....

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