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Friday November 14 2008

I woke up this frozen morning to hear, then see, Canadian geese migrating, about 20 of them, in the staggered line that provides the drafts that help them fly easier. They were honking encouragement to the leader.

Only thing is, they were flying north-northeast.

And maybe that wasn't encouragement they were honking at the leader.

"Hey! You're going the wrong way! Turn left!" "Gus? Honey? Pull over! We need to look at the map!"

"Bernice, I know where I'm going!"

"Gus, we're lost! We should stop and ask for directions!"

(And you know you never say that to a man who's lost.)(This was an actual conversation between my aunt and uncle when I was younger.)

And so they kept flying northeast, and ended back up in Canada.

Or, perhaps they were just taking the scenic Owyhee detour en route to warmer climes.

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