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The Raven II's been taking his Horse Care Job very seriously here in Arizona. He checks on Jose and Rhett to make sure they are getting better.

He gives lots of get well kisses (Jose loves them).

When he's not nursing horses, he's enjoying the nature around the desert. Just like the other birds around here - hawks and flickers and phainopeplas and owls - he can sit on top of the cactus without getting hurt.

He likes the barrel cactus

and the saguaro

and the cholla

and the baby cactus

and the agave.

He found a bird nest, wondering if he might fit inside.

He likes Sebby the dog

and the garden sculpture.

He's gearing up for the 3-day Eastern Mojave Scenic ride February 16-18, although he hasn't ridden in a long time and will probably be sore (but he'll still be happy). He's looking forward to meeting some visiting Aussies there, including Jay Randle, one of his biggest fans!

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