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Monday January 21 2008


From snowflakes to sand: I've been sent to the rescue in Arizona. Red Cross Merri to take up the fight for a month against 7 horses with (before, during, after stages of) strangles. Strangles!

Steph and John's 2 horses in Arizona came down with it after the New Year's New Mexico ride, and their horse mates - Kevin and Rusty's 5 horses - are consequently involved in the fray.

In the midst of shots and snots, disinfecting and rehabbing, in addition to the usual feeding and scooping poop twice a day, Steph is gone to the UAE, John just left for a month, and Kevin and Rusty are extremely busy with work and school. So it gets a bit rough for them dealing with sick horses at 9 or 10:00 at night.

So I've been sent in as reinforcements, which meant me leaving the 6 horses in Oreana to fend for themselves. And the dogs - oh, the dogs! What will they do without their evening walks?? And the cat may shrivel up without petting for a month.

Although they actually won't be completely by themselves; neighbors will be feeding and petting and looking in on them all quite adequately.

I'll miss the snow and cold, especially when it gets down to 6* the next few nights (call me crazy), but then there's something I really like about Arizona too.

The good part is, I'll get to see Rhett and Jose. I told Diego I was going to see his buddy Jose, but I don't think it sunk in. I'll have to email him pictures.


If only he had two skinny, shiny, sharp black things sticking out of his forehead, that horse would look just like a mountain goat!

Steven Estergreen
Mulino, OR
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