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Love Letter to Finneas (by Connie)

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Dear Finneas,

it has been heartwrenchingly hard for me to enjoy life after hearing how the snake wire attacked you. I am so thankful that M is taking such good care of you as I would, knowing she is not quite as convinced as I am that you are such a noble steed.

ONe would only have to mount you by swinging their leg up on you bareback, and then proceed to claw and pull at your mane taking clumps out along the way, jabbing heels into your side as you finally reach the destination of sitting firmly on your back, and all the while your ears stay forward during that painfully awkward moment when I am not quite on and not quite off. you don't even laugh. But M will never try this with you as she said she cannot even jump a few inches, and i can jump at least six so I can get on top of your back with out a saddle and ride you around!!

Anyways I am in the Solomon Islands and still thinking of you and I just read how you are a model patient! Good boy, and i am so glad M is giving you lots of treaties. Don't give her too many kisses or i will get jealous!

Also just want to let you know i saved your website on the computer over here where I am staying. You heal up and be a good Finneas cause we have some 50's to do,

love connie

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