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SadApple (by Finneas)

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Wednesday November 28 2007

I'm not a CrabApple anymore.

My friends didn't come back all night, and I so I hung around the house and the hay bales and the Fat Pen with Dudley and Princess. If you don't count them, I was all alone.

I squealed at Dudley a few times this morning, then I went to eat some hay, then, still not knowing what to do without my friends, I went across the creek. Well. The mares next door were right across the fence, and, well you know me, always the Boss and wanting everybody to know it, I went up to the fence and was talking with the ladies, and I kicked at one of them, and next thing I know, the fence attacked me. It grabbed my hind leg and it wouldn't let go, and I panicked and I thrashed, and the dogs were running out and barking and the ladies next door were running around, and I ripped a hundred feet of wire off the fence and drug it running about 40 feet before it finally let me go.

Well, that was all scary, and then I was embarrassed because the ladies were still looking and snorting, and my leg hurt a bit, so I just walked on away from there, left that scary place behind me. I went to the hay bales and started eating a while, then all of a sudden, I wanted to lay down. My friends were still gone, I was feeling really sad and my leg was hurting now. I was just tired. So I went to lay down and bake in the sun, and maybe just die because nobody cared about me anymore.

Eventually I thought maybe I should get up and do something about my leg, so I sat up, but laying down felt better, so I laid back down. I was feeling really really sad and abandoned, when I looked up, and here came M! She was coming out to save me! Wait - she was coming out to take my picture like she often does. Well, I wasn't going to whine or whimper or anything, so I just kept sitting there having my picture taken. Then she got close to sit down beside me and pet me - and saw my leg.

She gasped "Finneas!!" and then I heard this pounding going on, like drums, but it wasn't drums, it was her heart pounding in her throat. She stroked my nose and said don't move, she'd be right back, and she left, ran to the car, jumped in it and drove away. She came back a little while later with Linda. I was still sitting there waiting like she said, and she and Linda came and looked at my leg.

They thought it looked pretty bad, and it sure hurt pretty bad by now. I got up to show them my leg wasn't going to fall off and I could still walk, but I had to walk really slow behind M to the pen. I felt so bad and sad I couldn't even hold my head up as I walked along.

I waited in the little pen for a few hours, holding my owie leg up. I had plenty of hay to eat, but I felt so sad I just hung out beside Fat Dudley and Princess with my head hanging. I sure didn't feel like any Big Kahuna anymore.

Finally a vet came and looked at my leg, and poked me in the neck with a sharp stick, which hurt, and then I got reeeeaaaaaaalllllll sleepy, and I don't remember what happened, but I heard in the distance M and the vet talking and I felt in the distance M stroking my neck. When I came to again, my back leg was all bandaged up and the vet was gone. My leg was all patriotic, red (from blood), white and blue from the bandages.

M left me tied up while she went back and forth fetching straw from the pasture to make me a nice soft bed. When I woke all the way up, M gave me some icky medicine which I didn't want and I didn't like, but she followed it with a carrot dipped in molasses, so I guess that was okay.

So now I'm stuck in this little pen by Fat Dudley for a month, and my two women are out running with the other two geldings, and I can't boss anybody around, but I don't really care because my leg hurts and I am sad.


yowie... looks dang scary. How are YOU doing? Blessings for the studmeister

happy trails
gp and billy-meister in montana
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