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20 Mule Team Endurance Ride, 2016 - Jennifer Sheldon

Easternsierrarider Blog - Full Story

February 27, 2016
50 Miles

For anyone who reads my posts, I apologize for not writing a blog for so long. 2015 ride plans did not go as planned, but Rio was not injured, so it's all good. Rio and I were both conditioned to start Tevis in August, 2015, but we were not able to start. I wrote this on my Facebook page:

"Caartouche (Rio) and I were on the rider list to start Tevis again this year, 2015, but I had to cancel 3 days before the ride because bad re-shoeing 2+ weeks prior left Rio too sore to start. My farrier and I worked with it the best that we could, but the problem was not fixed.

It is disappointing not to of attempted this challenging, beautiful trail. It was our goal for the year, and Rio and I were in excellent condition not just to start, but to finish as well. We had 100% completions on our AERC rides/races that we did prior to Tevis, with Rio finishing in the top 10 in 2 of our 3 competitions.

Well, it could of been much worse. Rio's soreness was temporary. After successfully rehabbing Rio from two potential career ending injuries, this was a hiccup.

Our next planned AERC competition was to be the third week of August: The Eastern Sierra Classic, which is located only 45 minutes from where I live, in Bridgeport, CA. We completed the LD distance in 2006 as our first AERC competition. We have finished the 50 mile distance 1 or 2 times. The ride was cancelled this year a week or so prior due to one of the many wildfires occurring in CA."

I did not attend any more AERC competitions in 2015; instead, I enjoyed the beautiful trails in the Eastern Sierra where I live. On October 12th, I broke my ankle/acute sprain, which put a hitch in my getti-up. No surgery, but walking cast and non-weight bearing for a month and then physical therapy for 10 weeks. Luckily, two days prior I had moved Rio back to his winter home at Millpond Equestrian Center in Bishop, where I board him. It is a 75 mile roundtrip drive from where I live in Mammoth, so I normally have my trainer/friend, Rebecca, ride/condition/train him 2 times a week.

Flash forward to last weekend's first AERC competition: 20 Mule Team, 50 mile distance, on Saturday, February 27th. I have only been riding once a week for the last 5 weeks, so my fitness level is about 10% of what it normally is. Rio is 100% fit...

Read more here:

Unofficial 100 Mile Results

1Mark MontgomeryMM Woodrow10:56Best Condition
2Christoph SchorkGE Pistol Annie10:56
3Phylicia MannGE Honky Tonk Hector10:56
4Erin Riley-KelleyHaat Phoenix Sun12:44
5Sandy HolderQuicksilver WR12:50
6Amanda StrandKing's Whisper12:50
7Samantha EllisMM Cody13:21
8Amber ClarkBRT Blaze13:49
9Carrie WroblewskiOpus One13:49
10Nicole ChappellGolden Knight14:11
11Reyna MeroTriomphe14:11
12Lisa SidermanGenius Northern Tuxedo14:59
13Sam SharpDream On SA15:06
14Michele SharpUno's Special Request15:06
15Nicole ChappellGolden Knight15:24
16Kaitlin CumminsVA Anastahzi15:27
17Pete HommertheimClassy Investment15:28
18Alex NeihausAirborne15:33
19Joyce SousaLV Integrity15:34
20Gretchen MontgomeryHS Coquette15:56
21Lois WifallBey Special Edition15:57
22Carolyn MeierSamarin Diamond15:58
23Natalie DrostKeepsakes Diamond Rio16:45
24Tim MartinBelle17:07
25Shari WeastKismet17:17
26Shanna ZahnerMak One18:00
27Jakob GregoryDippi18:18
28Jennifer PerrymanRoaster18:19
29Laurie BirchScudd Run20:30
30Carla RobertsMichael Michelle20:31
RORobin ChrissChief
LHelen EusticeDW Hardrock
MTammy GagnonSecret Lover
LGina HallTK Desert Zephyr
RONyah HerndonHailys Ember
MAndrea MatlandLiliana Vess
LJeanette MeroJet Setting Sandrita
LLizzie MulderIHR Eloes Moon Fire
LRobin SchadtSassy Aspen
LJohn StevensRabbalad
LPeggy MillerFire Mt Zane

2015 Ride Day - Photos By Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

Last year's 100-mile winners, Potato Richardson and SMR Filouette, went on to win the 2015 Tevis Cup.

To sign up for this year's ride see http://www.aerc.org/static/rideFlyers/2016TwentyMuleTeam.pdf