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2012 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies
Images by Merri Melde

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2016 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies

Ride Day

2016 Owyhee Hallowed Weenies: The Perfect Finale

by Merri Melde
October 31 2016

Everything was just perfect for the last Owyhee ride of the endurance season: the timing of the weather, the trails, the great Halloween costumes, the horses, the people, the music.

An intimate gathering of endurance friends showed up to ride: 22 in the 25-mile ride, and 14 in the 50.

It rained for a couple of hours Friday night - the exact perfect amount to leave the trails in perfect condition, not slick, not a bit of dust, and packed down just right. The rain stopped at the perfect time during the night so that horses were dry (although very dirty from rolling!) for saddling up. Temperatures during the day hung in the 60's - perfect for horses already haired up for the winter. The perfect fall scenery decorated the ride, with maroon quail bush and bright golden cottonwood trees along the creeks, the Owyhee mountains playing hide-and-seek with rain clouds, and tendrils of fog drifting up some of the drainages throughout the day.

Costumed Hallowed Weenie riders and horses scampered about the Owyhee desert: Wonder Woman on her Wonder Horse, a happy clown, a mother dalmatian and her spotted litter of puppies (the racing mule junior riders!), a black widow spider and its (horse) web, the Sheriff of Naughty-Ham chasing a couple of convicts, a carrot, a pirate, a Power Ranger.

All 22 starters finished the 25 mile ride, with Carrie Johnson and Belesema's Specialty just edging out Simone Mauhl and Boogey for the win in 2:57. Belesema's Specialty won Best Condition. Local crick rider Wonder Woman (Linda Kluge) and her Wonder Horse Ted finished 3rd. Trinity Jackson, the Dalmation Mom, brought a slew of Junior riders (6 of them!) who all finished on their mules. Beth Nicholes, another Junior, rode and finished on DWA Zifhaffir in his first ride. They completed with Beth's brother Terrence - substitute jockey for Helen Bonner - on DWA Emigree. Falisha Leon, yet another Junior, rode and finished on Sylvan Sovereign with her grandma Vicci Archer...

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Come join us for the last ride of the Northwest season!
We WILL have a Halloween Costume Contest!

Ride Managers: Regina Rose: 208 250 8662, Email Regina , and Steph Teeter: 208 473 4877, Email Steph

Ride is based out of the Teeter ranch in Oreana. Easy access off of Hwy 78. Showers and toilets.

It's fall in Owyhee County - weather can be almost anything! Generally dry but could be warm or cold, ya never know! And there might be a little wind. Trails will consist of single track trails, jeep roads, cow paths, sand washes, ridge tops - and the footing is pretty decent! Some rocky sections but nothing really horid. Rolling terrain, but a generally easy-moderate trail. You'll be riding south to Hart Creek, and across Triangle Rd for a loop around the Browns Ck drainage for the first loop. The second loop will be single track trails, cow trails, jeep roads, a little bit of everything - north a bit, then south a bit, should be a fun trail.

2012 Day 1 by Merri Melde

From I-84 East (Oregon) Take Nampa exit 35 and follow signs to Hwy 45 (to Murphy) which takes you south towards Murphy. Follow hwy 78 east (left) after crossing the Snake River.

Between mile markers 42 and 43, you'll turn south on the Oreana Road (little green sign points to Oreana, between mile markers 42 and 43). That goes about 2 miles or so, and when you come down the 2nd hill, you'll see the big spread (NOT!) of Oreana in front of you. Slow down when you get to the first house; right after a "Slow Children" sign, you'll take a right on a dirt road. (like, the only dirt road going right in that area, so you won't take the wrong one). This is Bates Creek Road.

Follow this dirt road toward the mountains for 5 miles. If you think you've gone too far on Bates Creek road, keep going! Ignore the "Private Road" signs and don't pay attention to any "No Trespassing" signs. Keep going! you'll pass the occasional ranch along the creek. when you get to a big place with a bunch horses, that's not us, keep going! (don't pay attention to the order of house #s because they are not in order). Really, it's about 5 miles down this dirt road.

Eventually, about about 4 miles or so you'll pass on your right a funky silver barn-looking thing with a trailer, hovercraft, and Burning-Man-like sculptures and artwork outside.Next place will be neighbors with horses on your left, Lost Juniper ranch, and we will be the next place on your left. You made it!

From I-84 West (Utah): Take Hammett exit 112 onto Hwy 78. Go through Bruneau and Grandview towards Oreana. Turn left between mile markers 42 and 43 onto the Oreana road.

Driving Directions:

  • From I-84 West (Oregon/Washington) Take Exit 35, south onto Nampa Blvd. (towards Nampa). Left on 3rd St, follow signs to Hwy 45 towards Murphy and Silver City. Right onto Hwy 45 (12th) to Dans Ferry (gas) and Snake River bridge (approx 15 miles). Go LEFT on Hwy 78 just after crossing Snake River. Stay on Hwy 78 approx. 23 miles. Turn right on Oreana Loop Rd. (past mile marker 42) Take first right past trailer houses onto gravel road. Continue 5 miles to camp. Driving time from Nampa is about 1 hour.

  • From I-84 East (Boise, Mountain Home)take Idaho Center exit (exit 38), left off ramp, left at traffic light on Flamingo Rd (towards shopping center) and then take Right onto Happy Valley Rd. Follow Happy Valley several miles, take right on Bowmont Rd, then left onto Hwy 45. Continue south to Snake River (see above)
    OR Take the Simco Rd exit off of I-84. Go south on Simco Rd until you get to the Mountain Home highway. Turn right onto highway. Follow to Grandview. Turn right past Grandview onto Hwy 78. Turn Left (south) onto paved road (Oreana Loop Rd) just past mile marker 43. Go 1.5 miles on pavement, turn right past trailer house onto gravel road, just before dumpsters, onto Bates Creek Rd. Go 5 miles to camp.

  • From I-84 East (East Idaho,Utah/Wyoming) Take Exit 112 at Hammett. Follow signs to Hwy 78 West, towards Bruneau and Grandview. Continue west on 78 past Bruneau and Grandview (approx 50 miles), turn Left (south)onto - paved road, just past mile marker 43. Take first right past trailer houses onto gravel road (about 1.5 mi. from turnoff onto Oreana Loop Rd) Continue 5 miles to camp.

  • From Hwy 95 (Nevada, California): continue north from Winnemucca, turn right on Hwy 55, then right on Marsing/Murphy Rd, this becomes Hwy 78. Follow 78 east along the Snake River, past Murphy. Turn right on Oreana Loop Rd. (past mile marker 42) Take first right past trailer houses onto gravel road (about 1.5 mi. from turnoff onto Oreana Loop Rd) Continue 5 miles to camp.


    The nearest airport is Boise International (BOI). There are several hotels near the airport. Allow 1 1/2 hours drive time from airport to basecamp.

    You can go to Google Maps and enter Driving Directions:[ Boise Airport to Oreana, Idaho] for Nampa options // OR [ Boise Airport to Grand View, Idaho ] for Simco Rd options.

  • Driving directons from the Boise Airport
    • Simco Rd: this route is a little longer but there is no traffic and it can be faster. Go EAST on I-84 (right ramp entrance) when leaving airport. Right off interstate ramp onto Simco Rd. When Simco Rd. ends turn Right onto Mountain Home - Grandview hwy. When this ends, turn Right onto Hwy 78. Turn left onto Oreana Loop Rd (paved) just past mile marker 43. Go 1 1/2 miles, turn right (before trash dumpster receptacles) onto Bates Creek Rd. Follow 5 miles to basecamp.

  • Weather

    Grand View forecast - a bit east of Oreana
    Murphy forecast - a bit west of Oreana