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Owyhee Halloweens Past
Images by lots of folks

Owyhee Halloweens Past
Images by lots of folks

Owyhee Halloweens Past
Images by lots of folks

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Hallowed Weenies Day 2: Utter Disaster

Sunday November 1 2009

I have a confession: even though I love doing endurance rides - I am seriously obsessed with them - I just HATE getting out of bed early in the morning before a ride. I think it probably goes back to my racetrack grooming days, when I got up at 4 AM, 7 days a week, for 8 months of the year.

I especially hate getting out of bed early with a night of zero sleep, and a dreadful headache so bad that I'm fighting nausea. Ugh. But no way I wasn't going to ride Jose. Plus I was riding with Steph and Rhett, and Annerose Carlile and GAC Ginger. Ginger is 10. Annerose is 72. She's got nearly 10,000 AERC endurance miles, and about as many entertaining stories to tell. (Like the time she won the Swiss Championship - I think she was in her 50's - after her horse did a somersault on the trail and landed on her and they got back up and kept going; there's a story about getting bees in her bonnet/helmet - but I didn't ask her about that one.)

And it wasn't just another 50-mile endurance ride, and it wasn't just another 50 mile endurance ride on Jose: it was the first ride since breaking my rib 5 1/2 weeks ago. I was definitely not going to miss this one. I downed many Ibus and hoped for the best.

And besides, Jose and Rhett are best buddies, and no way was Jose going to hang out in the corral today while Rhett went off and left him again.

It was chilly and breezy in the dark morning, but skies would be mostly clear for the day. Jose didn't want the bridle. He thinks he goes best in a hackamore. I know better. Bridle first loop, and maybe hackamore the second or third loop. Maybe not.


Hallowed Weenies Day 1: Fairies on the Prairie

Saturday October 31 2009

Just give endurance riders the slightest excuse to get together, and they'll do it. Add in a near full moon, and a chance to play dress-up, and you end up with the 2-day Hallowed Weenies endurance ride at the end of the season in the Owyhee Desert.

And with it being Halloween, there were some scary things to worry about on the 50 and 25 mile trails: Day 1 you rode by "Dead Cow Farm" - an abandoned and rather creepy dairy; by the Idaho Ecology site - the P.C. name for the toxic waste dump near the Snake River; on a sloped trail right by a barbed wire fence; over an old bombing range; and during hunting season. Day 2 you rode over the site of the Utter Disaster Massacre, and, since not quite all of the last bit of trail had completely gotten marked, some of us got lost out there, and it's still hunting season. Yeah.

But the creatures still came out in Halloween droves. There were Fairies on the prairie, many Come to Save the World - a Musketeer, a Crusader, Zorro, an Oreana Cowboy (wait - that was a REAL Oreana Cowboy - Shane pulled Mary's stuck truck out of the sand while she was off riding in the LD), a Star Wars Jawa ("I can't abide those Jawas. Disgusting creatures!" said C3PO - who can quote that entire movie with me?), a skeleton (the horse), a soccer ball (the horse) and referee, Gumby & Pokey, Michael Jackson (who worked as our in and out timer), Where's Waldo, a college graduate, two pink flamingos, Pocahontas, a clown, an angel, of course a devil (someone stole the devil's cape and became impromptu Little Red Riding Hood), monsters, a drunken man on a mule, and Argentinean vaqueros. Steph commented later, "These were ADULTS! - this is GREAT!"


Utter Disaster

Wednesday October 28 2009

If you ride up onto the flats above Pickett Creek and look to the southeast, three drainages over is Castle Creek, coming down from the Owyhee Mountains. Look northeast and you'll see where Castle Creek meets the Snake River, and part of the Oregon Trail and Castle Butte just this side of the river.

If you were here 149 years ago, following the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon by Castle Butte, you might have been riding into big trouble. On September 9th, 1860, (an alternate date recorded is August 1860) the wagon train led by Elijah P Utter (sometimes spelled Otter) was attacked by around 100 Indians, probably Bannock and Boise Shoshone.

There were 44 emigrants total in the group - 4 families (12 in the Utter family, led by father Elijah) and 2 Reith brothers. They had gathered together from southern Minnesota and Iowa and started on the Oregon Trail westward.

One of the biggest dangers faced by the emigrants crossing the country - besides injuries, illness, bad weather, wild animals, treacherous terrain, getting lost, and anything else under the sun - was attacks by Indians.

The Utter wagon train was attacked.



Day 1 - 50 Miles - 28 starters, 24 finishers

1 Cindy Fleming         HRA Magic       	5:42:00
2 Lee Pearce    	Fire Mt Malabar 	5:53:00
3 Naomi Preston         Karlady         	5:53:01
4 Lois Fox 	 	Iced Mocha 	        6:31:00
5 Pat Murray 	 	Bailey 	                6:31:01
6 Max Merlich 	 	Junior          	6:44:00
7 Darlene Anderson  	SAR Tiki Eclipse 	6:44:01
8 Ramona Thacker 	Nero's Asad     	6:44:02
9 Danny Miller 	 	Zeus 	                6:44:03
10 sandra fretelliere 	Amara's Sonata 	        7:05:00
10 Stephanie Teeter 	Jaziret Bey Musc 	7:05:00
12 Vicci Archer 	HF All Atonce 	        7:51:00
13 Jim 	Archer 	 	Electrifying Elegance 	7:51:01
14 Annerose Carlile 	JAC Ginger      	7:19:00
15 Lynn	White 	 	Agnes 	                7:19:01
16 Tara	Rothwell 	Legendary Impression 	8:07:00
17 Lynne Fredrickson 	White Zin       	7:32:01
18 Linda Ballard 	SX Arianna EX 	        8:23:00
19 Nance Worman 	Big Sky Quinn 	        8:23:01
20 John Teeter 	 	Rushcreek Mac 	        8:28:00
21 Roz 	Cusak 	 	DA Nejwah 	        9:01:00
22 Ann 	Kuck 	 	Lamplighter Hot Stuff 	9:01:01
23 Pam 	Davenport 	Apache Roadrunner 	9:01:02
24 Connie Holloway 	Phinneas 	        9:02:00
-- PJ Blonshine 	Tezero's Taconite 	
-- Gary Pegg 	 	Gus's Mountain Mack 	
-- Amanda Washington 	PF Fast Eddy 	
-- Carrie Thorburn 	A Little Jazzy

Day 1 - 25 Miles - 13 starters, 12 finishers

1 Sally Tarbet 	        Jassen's Legacy Stone 	2:43:00
2 Linda Walberg 	Bey Khan 	        2:44:00
3 Katelynn Keller 	Sable 	                2:49:00
4 Richard White 	KryptoKnight 	        3:18:00
5 Kaisa	White 	 	Mr. Baha 	        3:20:00
6 Janis Rochon 		Aspen 	                3:45:00
7 Roberta Miller 	Blondie 	        4:01:00
8 Ray Lynn Omohundro 	BDS Insolito 	        4:02:00
9 Annie Leady 	 	DWA Sabsons Tiger 	4:18:00
10 Dot Wiggins 	 	JAC karisma 	        4:18:00
11 Michelle Hartman 	Joe 	                4:19:00
12 Mary Garner 	 	DA Rabikhtafa 	        4:49:01
RO Hayley White 	Midnight 	

Day 2 - 50 Miles - 14 starters, 14 finishers

1 Lois Fox      	Iced Mocha
2 Trish Frahm 	        Halo
3 Carrie Johnson 	TM Bagheera
4 Stephanie Teeter 	Jaziret Bey Musc
5 Annerose Carlile 	JAC Ginger
6 merri melde 	 	jose viola
7 Naomi Preston 	Karlady
8 Lee Pearce 	 	Fire Mt Malabar
9 Max Merlich 	 	Junior
10 Amanda Washington 	SAR Tiki Eclipse
11 Ramona Thacker 	Nero's Asad
12 Darlene Anderson 	MC Isaac
13 Nance Worman 	Big Sky Quinn
14 Linda Ballard 	SX Arianna EX

Day 2 - 25 Miles - 9 starters, 6 finishers

1 Katelynn Keller 	Sable           	3:40:00
2 Tim Floyd 	 	DWA Saruq 	        3:57:00
3 Buff Floyd 	 	Dakota 	                3:58:00
4 Dot Wiggins 	  	JAC karisma 	        4:02:00
5 Karen Steenhof 	Admiral Gil      	4:02:01
6 Janis Rochon 		Aspen 	                4:42:00
RO Mary Garner 	  	DA Rabikhtafa 	
RO Roberta Miller 	Blondie 	
RO Ray Lynn Omohundro 	BDS Insolito 

Latest weather forecast

2 Day Halloween Ride

Costumes required optional but strongly suggested!

Online Entry Form - Please pre-register!! It helps us plan

October 31 (30/55) and November 1 (25/50)
at Regina's Place in Oreana, Idaho

Halloween, a full moon, and the last ride of the season! Join us for some fun and adventure.

Dinners Friday and Saturday - free with ride entry. $10 at the door.
Large indoor arena for meetings and dinners.
Halloween costume contest on Saturday!

Ride Managers:
Regina Rose and Steph Teeter

Regina's contact: 208 250 8862 || email
Steph's contact: 208 834 2788 || email

Ride Veterinarians:
Olin Balch DVM and Robert Washington DVM

Ride Entry: $90.00 for both distances. $35 for Trail ride. Dinner included with ride entry. Juniors half price.

Base camp at new location off Hwy 78 and Wees Rd. Large indoor arena for meetings and dinners if the weather is challenging. Trails will have good footing, some sand wash, minimal rock except some rocky sections riding through Birch Creek Canyon on day 1 (but it will be worth it!).

Day one: Birch Creek. All new trail up to Birch Creek. Ride around the wind caves, and down through the steep walled canyon (55's). Fairly easy trail, some sand wash, a few short climbs.
Trail map to come soon-

Day two: Utter Disaster. Follow the path of the historic battle from the pioneer days. From the flats at Castle Creek crossing, to the Snake River, below Castle Rock and Wildhorse Butte. Good footing low elevation ride. Some sand wash, minimal rock.

Day 1 Trail

LD will start at Birch Creek Vet check, NOT FROM CAMP! (drive 1.8 miles past Wees Rd on Hwy 78, turn right onto Castle Creek Rd, follow 4.3 miles then turn left-ish onto gravel road. Turns will be ribboned)

Download Map - pdf file

View larger jpg image

Day 2 - Utter Distaster

Download map - pdf file

View large jpg image

From I-84 East (Oregon) Take Nampa exit 35 and follow signs to Hwy 45 (to Murphy)which takes you south towards Murphy. Follow hwy 78 east (left) after crossing the Snake River. Continue past the Oreana turnoff, take the next left (north) onto Wees Rd, after mile marker 47, just past the Utter Massacre historical. Take the next left onto Regina's drive.

From I-84 West (Utah): Take Hammett exit 112 onto Hwy 78. Go through Bruneau and Grandview towards Oreana. Turn right (north) onto Wees road just after mile marker 48, after crossing Castle Creek. Next left onto Regina's drive.