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2013 Owyhee Tough Sucker
Images by Merri
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Owyhee Tough Sucker

The 8th Annual Owyhee Tough Sucker (No Frills) I & II Endurance Ride

A Tough Sucker training ride gallery

Another Tough Sucker training ride gallery

Owyhee Tough Sucker I
Owyhee Tough Sucker II
Owyhee Tough Sucker II - Steve Bradley Photos

Tough Sucker II: Mules Rule! - Merri Melde
Saturday April 26 2014

"It was a bit windy…", photographer Steve Bradley commented. "OK, a lot of wind," he appended his statement - probably as he was chasing down his "Photo Ahead" sign as it tumbled across the sagebrush flats between endurance riders.

"The wind was horrendous, felt like it was going to blow me right off my horse a couple times!" Karen Bumgarner posted in her blog about her ride on Thunder in the 50.

The good part about the chilly windy day was that it wasn't blowing hard before the start. It's much easier to saddle up when it's calm, then get blasted with wind when you're already out on the trail and going, than it is to try to get motivated to saddle up in a gale.

It was so windy out on the trail, even when we were trotting and cantering in the same direction as the wind, the dust kicked up from the following horse's hooves blew past the lead horse.

The hurricane didn't slow down the Mules! Six mules started the Limited Distance ride and they finished first through sixth, the winner Jill Hedt riding John Henry in a smoking time of 2:52. John Henry also won Best Condition. Three of the mule riders were Juniors. A total of 21 riders started the LD with 20 finishing, and the only pull being a Rider Option...

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Tough Sucker II: The Thunder is Back - Karen Bumgarner

Steve Bradley photo
Thunder and I at Tough Sucker II yesterday. The wind was horrendous, felt like it was going to blow me right off my horse a couple times! This was Thunder's first ride since his nasty stone bruise last summer at City of Rocks...

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Watch the Tough Sucker Video

Map to Ride Location
Tough Sucker riders are based out of Regina's ranch on Wees Rd. Easy access off of Hwy 78, indoor meeting area and dinners provided. Potable water in camp.

It's spring time in Owyhee County - weather can be almost anything! Generally dry but could be hot or cold, ya never know! And there might be a little wind.

Trails will consist of jeep roads, cow paths, sand washes, ridge tops - and the footing is excellent! Some rolling hills, but a generally easy trail. Ride around Wild Horse Butte along the Snake River, on parts of the original Oregon Trail, through the Birds of Prey conservation area.

Perfect early springtime ride!

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