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Owyhee Fandango story by Merri Melde
Karen Bumgarner's story


Trail Maps updated May 21

(probably/hopefully final!!)

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Day 1 trail, Sinker Canyon:
Very scenic! quite rocky in places - extra hoof protection is recommended. 30 milers ride over toward Sinker Creek following 2 track and trail. Ride down into the canyon (quite rocky) and then up to a vetcheck on the rim above. 50 milers Ride south to Spring Ranch Rd and the rim trail, then up to the foothills (you'll be climbing gradually). Ride north to Bates Creek, follow the old canal up to the road, then rider towards Sinker Ck, down into the canyon, and back up onto the rim for a vetcheck. This loop will be the hardest/longest loop.

30 milers follow trails and jeep roads back to camp. 50 milers ride north along the rim and drop back down to Sinker Creek. Ride along the reservoir and up along the old canal above Joyce Ranch. Cross Sinker Creek through the ranch, and then follow trails and jeep roads back to camp.

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Day 2 trail, Hart Creek & Birds of Prey: Hart Creek trail has some rocky sections. Birds of Prey trail mostly good footing
50 Milers, Birds of Prey - Loop 1: Head east and north toward Oreana Loop Rd, crossing over and taking a sandy trail and dirt road to the Hwy 78 crossing into the Morley Nelson Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area. Follow dirt road, single track trail, and sandy wash around to the north and west, and then return by crossing Hwy 78 again. Follow sandy trail and 2-track along the ridge north of Pickett Creek and return to camp for the finish.
25 milers - Hart Creek Loop 1 Ride south to Hart Creek and loop back to camp. Rocky, scenic.

. 50 Milers, South - Loop 2: Head east to the flats above Pickett Creek, following the trail and 2-track south. Cross Hart Creek at the Oreana Savana homestead, then continue south crossing Triangle Rd, circling around the sandy buttes on washes and dirt roads. Cross Triangle Rd again, and cross Hart Creek again at the old Jesse homestead. Climb up single track rocky trail out of Hart Creek, to the ridge on top, then take single and 2-track trail back into camp for a one hour vetcheck hold. Some rocky sections. Very scenic loop!!
25 milers, North - Loop 2: Ride the trail on the rim above Bates Creek Rd out to the water tank (5 miles) and then back the same way.

Loops 1 and 2 may be done in the reverse order, depending on the day's weather.

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Day 3 Trail, Snake River Petroglyphs, Celebration Park:
Lots of good footing on this trail. 30, 60, 80 and 100 milers:

Leave camp riding to the northeast, taking a dirt road to the Hwy 78 crossing. Water stop along Rye Patch Rd, then drop down into the washes and buttes on the way to Sierra Del Rio Ranch (an original homestead along the Oregon Trail). All distance will have a Vet Check at the ranch.

30 Milers will then turn around and ride back to Basecamp on the same trail

60, 80 and 100 milers will then climb up the old Oregon Trail onto the flats above the Snake River. There will be a water stop at the substation 4 miles from the ranch. Continue along the flats and drop down into the Snake River Canyon just below the dam. Follow beautiful 2-track trail along the river, dropping down to the river at the old Weeis stone buildings, and circling back up around huge boulders with ancient petroglyphs carved into them.

60 milers will turn around and head back after the petroglyphs. Then retrace the trail to the Sierra Del Rio Ranch for another vetcheck, and then continue back to basecamp for finish.

80 and 100 milers will continue along the river, along single track and jeep road. We will take you up and onto the bench above the river to avoid the boulder field. You will drop back down to the river at Con Shea, and then cross over the river on Guffy Bridge (it's safe!) for a vetcheck on the north side at Celebration Park. Turn around, and retrace your path back to the vetcheck, and back to camp.

60 and 80 milers will finish at Basecamp.

100 milers will have another hold at Basecamp and then finish with a 20 mile loop over to Ryepatch Rd. Easy access for crews, road crossings with radio communication, a fair amount of dirt and gravel road for an easy finish and easy night riding. We will put glowsticks out for late riders.