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2012 Outlaw and The Virgion Pioneer XP

Date: September 15,16,17,2012
Distance: 55/50/50

Best Of Photos by Steve Bradley
Steve's Day 1 Photos

Steve's Day 2 Photos

Steve's Day 3 Photos

Steve says:

Day 1: I got the photos from the first day up at the web page. I shot in two locations. The first one was first thing in the morning and the light was pretty good. Those shots show the wide open spaces the riders went through. The second location was on the Thunder Mountain Trail about a 2 mile hike in. The light was pretty harsh as it was in the afternoon but the scenery is stunning. If you have not done this ride yet you need to put it on your calendar for next year as it is nothing short of fantastic. People were missing turns due to the "sightseeing" that they were doing.

Not sure on numbers but I think 40 plus took the trail yesterday. It was a long day but people still said it was worth it.

The photos are here - http://stevesphoto.smugmug.com/2012EnduranceRides/Virgin-and-Outlaw-D1/25392487_RG3WBN#!i=2089296144&k=Rrttbcx

There are about 360 photos with the first shots at the end of the gallery. I was using two cameras up on the Thunder Mountain trail and that is why you see two different shots from up there. Got to go get ready for this mornings ride......

Happy trails,

Day 2: Just finished up loading up today's photos. 22 riders took the trail this morning and I decided to shoot in the morning light on the top end of the Thunder Mountain trail. Took a little walk in a little over a mile and found a nice section of trail with red/orange mountain back ground. Those that went out were all happy even after the long day yesterday. Hope you all enjoy the views from this ride, tomorrow will be the "fast" day I think, nice spot to shoot in with another spectacular view.

See the photos from today here - http://stevesphoto.smugmug.com/2012EnduranceRides
Happy Trails, S.

Day 3: Just posted Day 3 pics from the ride. Early morning light was great. Found a spot with a really cool red rock outcropping for a distant back ground. 16 riders headed for the Bryce Campsite this morning. Got to go break camp and head over there for the next day or two.

Photos from today are here-


Happy Trails,

Description: UPDATED 9/4/12. This ride will stay in the same camp for day 1 and 2 with the third day being a point to point. We are going to make use of the start of the Grandview Trail and will tie into the Outlaw Trail in the Johns Valley and Widsoe areas.

The third day will finish at the same camp as the Bryce XP ride. The two camps are (driving) approximately 18 miles apart. You may trailer in the morning or the evening before (after checking in first!) and then ride to the Bryce XP camp. Days 1 and 2 will be loop rides from that same camp.