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Endurance.Net Home 2012 Mt Carmel XP

2012 Mt Carmel XP


50-50-50-50-50 (250 Miles in 5 days)

MAY 2nd-6th, 2012

Photos by Steve Bradley

All Mt Carmel XP photos by Steve Bradley here: http://stevesphoto.smugmug.com/2012EnduranceRides

Day 5

Here are the link to today's photos:

Day 4

Got Day 4 photos uploaded. Decided on a spot up "Flat Rock Wash". It was early in the morning and the morning sun was pretty nice. Not sure how many took the trail this morning but it was a little slower speed than I have seen in days prior.

Here is the direct link to today's photos

One more day to go and lots of smiling faces.....

Happy Trails, Steve

Day 3

Just got done uploading the photos from Mt. Carmel Day 3. These were shot in "Red Canyon" and it is sure got the right name. It was real pretty down in there just before the sun came over the ridge and "brightened" things up. The colors are real spectacular just before the sun hits the canyon. If anyone has a friend or relative riding day three you need to go have a look as they came out pretty nice this year.

Looked like about 45 riders took the trail this morning under clear skies and everyone is still having a good time. Three days down, two to go.....

Here is the link to the web page:

Happy Trails,

Day 2

Photos from Day 2 are up at the web page: http://stevesphoto.smugmug.com/2012EnduranceRides/Mt-Carmel-D2/22780215_c62ZMt#!i=1827301125&k=8wnpDc8.

I went out around 18 miles this morning as they were riding the "Rim of the World" trail today. The views were stunning from up there. Some of the red rock cliffs can be seen in the photos and all 50 riders had a great time today or so it was reported to me as they were passing my location.

Two days down three to go, getting better each day....

Happy Trails,

Day 1

Just finished uploading the photos from Day 1. It was a pretty good day, 59 riders took the trail with a nice cool partly cloudy morning. The clouds went away and it didn't get above 70 all day. Great for the horses and riders as well. If you want to go and check out the shots from today they are here:

Tomorrow ride goes out to the "end of the world" trail, weather says more of the same so it should be good tomorrow too.

Happy Trails,